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 yay mexican candy! 


We are up to our old tricks again... Bringing you only the best candy from all over the world! Our latest additions include a wide range (wrapped products AND bulk products!) of  the best products, direct from Mexico!

The newest additions to our bulk selection include Chilicets and Cerecets! Add a little spice to your life with the Chilicets, a spicy cherry flavoured gummi candy. Not into spicy? That's okay, we have got you covered! Add a little sweet cherry flavour to your day with these Cerecets. Buy one, ten, or even twenty... That's the beauty of having these products in bulk, you can get as many as you like. But, we're convinced after you try them that you're going to want to buy hundreds!


  • Cerezo Mazapan
  • Cerezo Chocomazapan
  • Bremen Chilicets
  • Bremen Cerecets
  • Carlos V
  • Salsaghetti
  • Pulparindo
  • Pelon Pico
  • Canal's Chewing Gum
  • Duvalin
  • Mango Crayon