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UPDATE:  Book readings, Magical Candy Making Show and Book signings!!!  Saturday July 16, 2011 -  with the Author and Illustrator at CHAPTERS - Market Hall!  Located at 52 Quarry Edge Drive @ 1pm  AND Sunday July 17, 2011 at CHAPTERS - East Woodbridge Center!  Located at 3900 Highway 7 West, Unit 1 @2pm!  Come and get your hot off the press copy of "Sugar Mountain and the Golden Key"! 



Discover the real magic of Sugar Mountain!


Extra, extra!!!  Did you hear?  Sugar Mountain is releasing its first transitional children's book for early readers!

Ever wonder where we get our candy?  From a magical land located in the clouds of course!  We here at the Mountain Top are proud to announce the launch of "Sugar Mountain and the Golden Key".   Young readers will get to discover if Michael and Sean can save Sugar Mountain and its Queen, Sugar Crystal.

Did you know that all candies start with just one Sugar Crystal?





Introducing FroZone Yogurt by Sugar Mountain!

Black Friday Shopping!

Our Favorite Candies - St. Laurent Shopping Center Edition!

What's so special about being a Mountaineer!

Are you ready for Valentines?

Our Favorite Candies - Danforth Avenue Edition!

How It's Made!

Our Favorite Candies - Elgin Street Store Edition!

Taste of the Danforth! OPA!

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