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If you're in the know, there's only one way to eat a TimTam - and that's the TimTam Slam!

It's easy, delicious and all you'll need is a TimTam and a warm beverage of your choice  - tea and coffee are the standards!

First, bite off both ends of the TimTam (yum!)  Then, use the TimTam like a straw to suck up your drink (double yum!)  Finally, just before the TimTam falls apart - SLAM the melted TimTam into your mouth!  It's the ultimate tasty TimTam experience!

All Sugar Mountain locations have just stocked up on the three types of TimTam!  Original, Caramel or Dark Chocolate... the choice is yours!  So why not come pick up a package then put on a pot of tea or coffee and give the TimTam Slam a whirl!

If you are already a TimTam Slam Master then give it a try with Penguin Biscuits *also from the UK* and see if you can Slam them too!



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