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We here at Sugar Mountain are continuously on the hunt to bring the very best candy to our stores for everyone to enjoy!  That being said - if you (or someone your know)has a peanut allergy... Fear no more!  This one's all for you!

We have recently expanded our selection of peanut free wrapped products!  Some of our old favorites, such as Marshmallow Brooms, Caramel Apple Pops and Licorice Laces are now producing their products in peanut-free facilities.

Check out the Charms Super Blow Pops, Charms Mean Green Blow Pops, Charms Blue Razz Blow Pops, and Charms What-A-Melon Blow Pops!  Our NEWEST additions to the peanut-free lineup include:  Sour Dots and Sixlets!  But don't forget the classics as well!   Mars and Mars Dark chocolate bars (as ALWAYS!) are peanut free. 

Please remember to check the labels for the Peanut Free Guarantee!



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