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Welcome to our NEW Website! We here at Sugar Mountain are super proud of all the fun things we have in store for you while you click around the site! 
We’ve added some fun categories that might help in your search for candy! Facts and FAQ’s!! Example Product Lists! Store Locations and Photos! If there are community events in your area that you think we need to know about – email us and we’ll try to keep everyone in the loop!
Whether you are popping by to check out directions to a store or just wanna play around on our amazing games – We’re really hoping that the site has something for everyone! 
Need a little additional help? Don't we all! This site is pretty basic, so you shouldn't be having too many difficulties. However, if something's not right, or you're having problems, or just need an address to email to, here's what we've got for you:
Our resident Candy Guru - knows all, sees all, answers all, and you don't need an appointment ('we're off to see …….') dr.phil.ling@sugarmountain.ca
Need some information about Sugar Mountain, what we're up to with our stores or how many hamsters we've got running our corporate Head Office? inquiry@sugarmountain.ca



Introducing FroZone Yogurt by Sugar Mountain!

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Our Favorite Candies - St. Laurent Shopping Center Edition!

What's so special about being a Mountaineer!

Are you ready for Valentines?

Our Favorite Candies - Danforth Avenue Edition!

How It's Made!

Our Favorite Candies - Elgin Street Store Edition!

Taste of the Danforth! OPA!

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