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We here at Sugar Mountain know that every day is earth day.
Our all one price bulk is proof of that!  We encourage mixing candies in
one big bag of fun because as you know... variety is the spice of life!  
Now we have come up with another way to be Earth conscious.

Introducing.... 10 Ways to Reuse Your Sugar Mountain Brown Paper Bag!

10. Popcorn popper: Fill bag with a handful of popcorn kernels, tape shut.
Microwave for 1-2 minutes.

9. Brown bag it: Pack your lunch in your Sugar Mountain bag, tell everyone
you're on an all-candy diet for medical reasons.

8. Hand puppet: Put bag over one hand, draw a face on the bottom of the bag.

7. Practical Joke: Blow air into bag and hold it tight. Bang it between
both hands to startle a friend.

6. Fashion Design: Draw Dr. Phil Ling some new and stylish hats.

5. Hair Rollers: Cut bag into one inch wide strips, wrap sections of hair
around them. Tie strips together and sleep on it.

4. Object D'Art: Cut your bag open and frame it. Offer it to the National
Gallery for "only" three million.

3. Gift Bag: Put candy in your bag and give it to a friend. Or put old
socks in your bag and give it to an enemy.

2. Hiccup cure: Blow into bag until hiccups are gone. Enjoy delicious
candy smell.

1. REFILL: Come back and have it filled with more great candy!



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