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Every year, Candy Withdrawal affects hundreds of hardworking Canadians and
their families. The candy-related hallucinations caused by this condition
have driven more than one unfortunate victim to try and consume inedible
objects after mistaking them for their treat of choice. This leads to loss
of productivity, disorientation, and embarrassing videos of people eating
staplers being posted on Youtube.

Have you ever experienced Candy Withdrawal? Here at Sugar Mountain, we
understand. Many of our top staff suffer from the condition, so we work
hard to bring you solutions. Like candy-flavoured lip balm you can wear
all day long, to remind you of your favourite goodies. Try out our new
Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers and Mounds lip balms, they'll keep your
lips tasting sweet - even when there are no sweets in sight!




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