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With September comes the end of a student's vacation, and a return to
books and learning. Sugar Mountain is proud to be a summer sweet spot, but
did you know that candy can also be educational?

Math: It's easy to learn math when there's candy at stake! Giving a kid a
budget and having them total the candy they want to buy is an easy and
engaging way to teach some very practical math. Older kids can practice
multiplication and rounding by factoring in taxes.

Geography: Sugar Mountain is proud to carry candy from all around the
world! Ever wondered what sort of chocolate kids buy in England? Or what
sweets are popular in Australia, South Africa, or Brazil? We've got them
all! Kids can take a world candy tour, and walk away with some sweet new
reasons to learn more about other countries and cultures.

Reading: Did you know Sugar Mountain has its own childrens' book? It's
designed to engage kids who are learning to read longer stories on their
own, with fun pictures and a subject matter they already love! You can
find more information about Sugar Mountain and the Golden Key here!

So go ahead, stop in to celebrate the start of school - they'll never
notice you slipping in another lesson on the side!

PS: hey, college kids, we haven't forgotten you! Check out our late
weekend hours for those emergency study rations, like chocolate-covered
coffee beans and real Pop Shoppe sodas.



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