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So, you'd like to buy yourself some jawbreakers, who wouldn't? These
colour-changing candies have been a popular confection for decades.
Whether you call it a gobstopper, an okeydoke, a jaw buster, or something
else entirely, jawbreakers by any name are classic candies.

But then, when you get to your local Sugar Mountain, a problem arises. Big
jawbreakers, small jawbreakers, black and silver jawbreakers, jawbreakers
in boxes, in bags, on sticks! Which to choose?!

Don't worry, we see this all the time. Picking the right jawbreaker can be
as hard as the candy in question, so Sugar Mountain is happy to present
this short guide to breaking your jaw!

Which of the following best describes your jaw-breaking needs:

1. I just want a hard candy that'll last for awhile, but isn't too hard to

You probably want a small jawbreaker, about a centimetre or two across.
These are hard to bite down on, but still easy to fit in your mouth. Try a
Wonka Gobstopper, or a small package of Jaw Busters.

2. Small jawbreakers seem too... well, small. I want something that'll
last for hours, even if it's a bit bulkier.

It sounds like a medium-sized Jawbreaker, about an inch across, is right
for you. We carry these in bulk, and also in convenient wrapped 6-packs.

3. I want a jawbreaker that'll last forever, and I don't care if I break
my jaw trying to fit it in my mouth!

We carry fist-sized jawbreakers, guaranteed to stop even the biggest gob
(gob is slang for mouth in parts of the UK, in case you wondered where
that name came from.) Not gonna finish it all at once? We also carry giant
jawbreakers on lollypop sticks, for easier handling and storage.

4. No, it's not about size, I want some of those black licorice balls they
used to sell!

Sugar Mountain has two types of black balls in bulk- regular and anice
balls. Both are really good, we recommend getting a mix and seeing which
one you prefer.

5. Oh, I'm already a jawbreaker expert, how about something a little out
of the ordinary?

We also carry Atomic Fireballs, a super-spicy cinnamon cousin to the
jawbreaker. And silver cola balls, which may look like ball bearings but
are really much closer to a gobstopper (just don't get the two confused!)
Both will give you the long-lasting convenience of a jawbreaker, with a
different taste experience.

With this many choices, Sugar Mountain is sure to have a jawbreaker for
every candy lover. Still not sure which to pick? Come on in and have our
Mountaineers provide some expert jaw-breaking advice in person!



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