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Dillema: Getting candy for Valentine's Day is awesome, but a box of
chocolates is just so... boooring.

Solution: Keep the candy, lose the tacky cardboard heart box. Here are a
few ideas to keep your sweetie sweet on you, without putting them to

Surprise! Bag: Give them a Sugar Mountain surprise bag. The real surprise?
Fill it not only with their very favorite treats, but also special photos,
romantic notes, tickets to that thing they like- the sky's the limit! We
carry empty surprise bags for only fifty cents, and we can supply you with
a sticker to seal it up once you've filled it.

Say it With Chocolate: Candy always says "I love you", but let's be more
specific. Try a 100 Grand Bar ("You're worth so much to me") a package of
Chuckles ("You make me laugh") or a Big Hunk bar ("I think you're
smokin'!") When sending a message, you probably want to avoid Air Heads,
Flake bars and Time Out chocolates.

It's a Date: Forget trying to remember all their favorites, pick up a
Sugar Mountain gift certificate and promise to hold the bag while they
stock up on all our great bulk treats. Just try not to eat it all
afterwards! Maybe you'd better get yourself something too, just in case!



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