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Here at Sugar Mountain, it's no secret that we just LOVE candy! Our
Mountaineers work tirelessly to improve their candy palettes (it's a tough
job, we know!) so we can bring you the very best treats around. But what
do Mountaineers like the very most? We asked our staff at the Elgin Street
Sugar Mountain store that very hard question: "So, what's YOUR favorite

Anna: The Skybar! Because it's like 4 different chocolate bars in one, and
you can break it into pieces so it's a surprise every time.

Chelsea: Taste the Mango Crayons! They're a squishy, sugary goo that
squiggles up through the top of the crayon when you twist the bottom!
Also, mangos are awesome.

Jess: The German Raspberries are my favourite! They are sweet and gummy
but not too sugary. So delicious!

Steph: Shockers! Shockers are one of my favourite candies because they're
shockingly sour, tart like a sweettart, and nice and chewy!

Emily: It's hard to pick just one, but I just love the Payday bar! The
salty/sweet caramel combo is delicious, and the peanuts add a great

Of course, we know we're not the only experts on the Mountain, our
customers really know their stuff! We'd love to hear from you on our
facebook page, so drop us a post about YOUR favourite candy and why it's
such a hit!

Submitted by the SWEET staff at our 286 Elgin Street Store in Ottawa!



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