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Here at Sugar Mountain, it's no secret that we just LOVE candy! Our
Mountaineers work tirelessly to improve their candy palettes (it's a tough
job, we know!) so we can bring you the very best treats around. But what
do Mountaineers like the very most? We asked our staff at the Danforth Avenue
Sugar Mountain store that very hard question: "So, what's YOUR favorite

Angeline: Cadbury twisted cream egg! Two of my favourite things
combine forces and melt in your mouth!

Melissa: Chocolate covered gummi bears!! They are so SWEET who could resist?!

Katie: Astro Pops! Sweet long lasting fun for those who like their taste
buds to blast off!!!

Erin: Juicy drop pops! A dangerously delicious combination of taffy and
liquid candy gel! You can PLAY and EAT with this SWEET treat!

Of course, we know we're not the only experts on the Mountain, our
customers really know their stuff! We'd love to hear from you on our
facebook page, so drop us a post about YOUR favourite candy and why it's
such a hit!

Submitted by the SWEET staff at our 582 Danforth Avenue Store in Toronto!




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