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We here at Sugar Mountain like to consider ourselves the “alternative” place to look for candy.  You can buy a gaudy, satin covered heart with chocolates in it anywhere – we like to think if you’re coming to us – you want to be different!

We carry a wide variety of Red, Pink and White things.  Or if your sweetheart isn’t into all that mushy stuff and just wants their favourites we can help you with that too!  Maybe throw in a package of LoveHearts , Sweetarts, or Cinnamon Hearts to show that you did in fact remember that it is Valentines Day!  But lets be honest, who doesn’t want a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, Bug Candy or Toxic Waste for Valentines?

Drop by any of our retail locations for helpful hints, suggestions or to complain that the stupid little angel dude shooting arrows at your butt!  We’re here to help!  In a worst case scenario bring ‘em to our Niagara Falls store and mention that it is the honeymoon capital of the world and see where it takes you!

Valentines happens on February 14th every year!  Don’t let cupid catch you by surprise!




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