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The staff at our 582 Danforth Avenue store wants to let you know....
Why being a Mountaineer is so Special!


The best part of being a Mountaineer is guessing peoples favorite candies
and helping them find new favorites! The fun never ends - See you soon!


Sugar Mountain is so wonderful and neat! All ages will be thrilled with
the MAGIC of the Mountain! Everyday I know that I will be smiling and
dancing - Now that's a SWEET beat! Pass the SMILES please!


What I love about being a Mountaineer is seeing that big bright
uncontrollable smile on every ones face as they discover this super amazing
SWEET place! Whether its a gift or a special treat you cant go wrong with


I LOVE being a Mountaineer because there is always something new and
something old! From creative candy innovations to classic candies we
remember growing up! Try something different today - We are all candy
experts here at the Mountain - there's something for  SWEET for everyone!

If you are looking for a sweet job that you can't help but love - send your resume to
jobs@sugarmountain.ca today!  You could be having a sweet day everyday!



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What's so special about being a Mountaineer!

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Taste of the Danforth! OPA!

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