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Please help us in giving a warm Sugar Mountain welcome to all the new, exciting candies we have at  our retail locations.  We're pretty convinced that we've officially got something for everyone with this new crop of products!

If you love UK chocolate might we suggest you try our new Cadbury products - be a star with Starbar, tell someone to be quiet in a nice way with Wispa, invite someone out for a romantic afternoon with Picnic, or give your children a good reason to sit in the corner with Time Out.

If you're a fan of American products, let us introduce you to one of the newest members of the M&M's family - Coconut!  Whoppers has a new Reese's Peanut Butter flavor that is to die for! (not actually... but pretty close!) and Wonka has introduced the new Wonka Exceptionals - for all of you that have been missing the Wonka Bar - this ones for you!

For all of you that have been wondering where Sea Monkeys, Tim Tam and the ever popular Walkers Crisps have been recently - we're proud to say that they are back in stock at our retail locations!  Get em quick because as we all know... they sell out pretty fast!

We're sure we'll be seeing you soon!





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