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We are up to our old tricks again... Bringing you only the best candy from
all over the world! Our latest additions include a wide range (wrapped
products AND bulk products!) of  the best products, direct from

The newest additions to our bulk selection include Chilicets and Cerecets!
Add a little spice to your life with the Chilicets, a spicy cherry
flavoured gummi candy. Not into spicy? That's okay, we have got you
covered! Add a little sweet cherry flavour to your day with these
Cerecets. Buy one, ten, or even twenty... That's the beauty of having
these products in bulk, you can get as many as you like. But, we're
convinced after you try them that you're going to want to buy hundreds!

Mazapan! Not marzipan. Peanuts, not almonds. Whatever it is... It's
delicious! We now carry Mazapan and Choco Mazapan. If you like peanuts,
you'll love this traditional Mexican treat! And if you like chocolate and
peanuts (come on, who doesn't?) you'll love the chocolate covered Mazapan.
Sold by the individual piece (or the whole box), there is no reason not to
try these little pieces of peanut-y goodness!

Carlos V! Your favourite Roman Emperor... Now in the form of a chocolate
bar! Carlos V is a traditional milk chocolate style bar, how could it not
be yummy?

Let your kids indulge in spaghetti, but this time, the Sugar Mountain way!
Salsaghetti is a watermelon flavoured gummi  - shaped like, yep, you guessed
it... spaghetti!  Covered in a spicy tamarind sauce. Sorry, meatballs
aren't included!

Goat's milk, the milk used to make your favourite cheese... Is even better
as a candy! Trust us on this one, traditional Mexican goats milk candy is WAY better and
remember, we are the experts!  We now now carry Obleas, a wafer with
goat's milk and Glorias, a goats milk candy with pecans. You're not going
to want to share these little pieces of heaven!

If you like hazelnut (we do!) and if you like strawberry (we do!) and if
you like them together (we really do!), Duvalin is just for you! A
strawberry and hazelnut milk cream candy, in a perfect little package...
Ideal for those times when you need a small sugar rush.

Puplarindo is probably the best-known and surely the most delicious Mexican candy. 
It doesn't look very nice, but its taste makes up for it. It is sweet, 
hot and sour all at the same time. Made from tamarind, and flavoured with 
chiles, salt and lime.

Stop by your nearest Sugar Mountain and join us to indulge in the newest
Mexican products!



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